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Why actions speak louder than words – How Fontenelle Forest is redesigning our systems and policies to create an environment of diversity, equity and inclusion

Merica Whitehall speaks at Fontenelle ForestThe world in general is facing a time when racial relations are at the forefront of everything we see, hear and do. According to Leaking Talent, a 2019 study conducted by Green 2.0, “the environmental movement has historically had a lack of racial diversity across all ranks of the largest NGOs and foundations.” Nature organizations worldwide are working hard to change this.

In this issue of “Directions” by the Association of Nature Center Administrators, Fontenelle Forest Executive Director Merica Whitehall explains why actions speak louder than words. Our mission is to create a welcoming place for all people to experience and enjoy the quiet wild of nature, but as with many companies, this moment in time has made us realize we have room for improvement.

Whitehall outlines how Fontenelle Forest is examining and redesigning our systems, policies, and procedures to actively create an environment of diversity, equity and inclusion – both internally within the organization and externally with our member audience and community.


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