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Fontenelle Forest is welcoming the Adventure Development Team, a national company, to build a ropes course over six acres near Fontenelle Forest’s Nature Center in Bellevue. The course should be open this summer (2019) and will support Fontenelle Forest’s vision of offering more outdoor experiences to the local community.


What is an aerial adventure park?

Essentially, this is an empowering, family-focused outdoor attraction. Guests move throughout challenges amongst the trees, moving at their own pace to test their limits with balance, heights, agility, and more. Groups can make a reservation to use the course.

Who is the Adventure Development Team (ADT) and what is their relationship to Fontenelle Forest?

ADT designs, engineers, and builds Aerial Adventure Parks across the country to exceed industry standards and local regulations. Fontenelle Forest has invited ADT to operate an adventure park on our property in order to increase recreational offerings in the Forest.

Why is an Aerial Adventure Park opening at Fontenelle Forest?

Opening an Adventure Park has been a Fontenelle Forest goal since 2014 as part of a three-year strategic plan. We want to highlight Fontenelle Forest’s 2,000+ acres of natural beauty and increase our offerings in nature to reach more locals and bring them to the Forest. Once the leadership of Fontenelle Forest met with the Adventure Development Team, a national company building eco-friendly aerial experiences, we knew this project could move forward with environmental reviews and real plans. We are ready for this Forest to be the “must-see attraction” in the Metro area that we have always known it to be!

How will the new Aerial Adventure Park connect with the Fontenelle Forest Mission, Vision, and Values?

Fontenelle Forest desires to advance our mission and provide a place for people to enjoy and experience nature. By immersing people in the natural world, outdoor recreation builds support for conservation and helps develop the next generation of stewards. We want people, especially youth, to become actively involved in outdoor recreation and exercise, get out into nature and away from computers, video games, and television sets. We want Fontenelle Forest to become a regional destination for a unique experience in a unique place, exposing new audiences to the Forest and capitalizing on area tourism. The Aerial Adventure Park is another way for people to actively participate in nature by providing a “squirrel’s eye view” of the Forest and getting healthy exercise at the same time.

Where and when will the Adventure Park be opening?

The Grand Opening is planned for June 1, 2019, with approximately 12 weeks of construction in the Spring. The Adventure Park will be located directly behind the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center, so people can check-in for the Adventure Park OR for general Fontenelle Forest entry at the Nature Center.


Do I have to make a reservation to use the Adventure Park?

Yes, a reservation is required. Walk-ins can check availability and if there is room, ADT may be able to accommodate.

Do I have to Pay to use the Adventure Park? What if I am a member of Fontenelle Forest?

Yes, the Adventure Park as an attraction has separate costs from entry into Fontenelle Forest. Opportunities for Forest member discounts and events will be made public after the Grand Opening.

is the Aerial Adventure Park appropriate for all ages?

The Aerial Adventure Park will provide outdoor, treetop fun for guests ages 4 to adult. Utilizing a state-of-the-art safety system including full-body harnesses, Aerial Adventure Park trails will start with a Kids Adventure Course built for pint-sized guests, ideal for ages 4-8, with spans just above ground level. Users will be geared up just like the big kids and grown-ups while encouragement or helping hands are just a step away.

Will construction cause noise problems?

Aerial Adventure Park construction methods are minimally invasive and noise levels will be similar to those created by common yard maintenance equipment. Neighbors, guests, and local fauna will be no more disturbed over the 12 weeks of construction than they are with general Forest maintenance.

Will any trails be closed during construction?

Trails directly behind the Nature Center may be closed for short periods of time while materials and supplies are transported to the construction site. It is a regular practice for Fontenelle Forest to close trails occasionally for trail maintenance, prescribed burns and other reasons, and signs will be posted for temporary closures.

How will this affect my regular Fontenelle Forest experience?

The Adventure Park serves simply to enhance the Forest experience with another family-oriented opportunity to spend time in Nature. The Park will have minimal impact on your most-loved experiences along the small section at the beginning of the Riverview Boardwalk or in Acorn Acres.

How will the Aerial Adventure Park affect traffic in the neighborhood?

Because the Aerial Adventure Park requires a reservation, Fontenelle Forest anticipates minor increases in traffic in the neighborhood during the peak season. We are working to solve any minor parking issues that may arise from adding a new experience at the Forest, and do not anticipate major congestion on Bellevue Boulevard due to the limited number of reservations for the Adventure Park at any given time.

How will the Aerial Adventure Park affect parking at Fontenelle Forest?

Fontenelle Forest is working to open up an overflow parking area Northwest of the Nature Center on Bellevue Blvd. to potentially hold an additional 150 cars. We do not anticipate the parking lot ever being full, especially with the reservation system ADT uses. This will not only improve parking as the Adventure Park grows, but will assist in parking for large events at the Forest.

How does this impact the Forest environmentally?

The Adventure Park will have little impact on our oak restoration efforts. In addition, Fontenelle Forest contracted Vireo Planning and Design to conduct an environmental impact review. Vireo is a landscape architecture, planning and design firm focusing on ecologically-based solutions for parks, streets and cities. They are known for creating healthy places for people to live, work and play and they’ve built the firm on design of environments that are attractive, vibrant and sustainable. Vireo conducted a review of environmentally sensitive assets using resources developed by the Nebraska Natural Heritage Program including the Nebraska Conservation and Environmental Review (CERT) and the Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool for Nebraska (CHAT). Vireo concluded there would be no negative impact on ecosystems, threatened and endangered species and/or species of conservation concern that might be affected by construction and operation of the Adventure Park.

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