The new aerial adventure park includes two attractions offering opportunities to climb and zip through the trees.


TreeRush Adventures at Fontenelle Forest will open in late spring, weather permitting.

Designed to cater to all levels of outdoor enthusiast, the 103-element adventure park will include two aerial trails for ages 4 – 6 and have seven for ages 7 through adult. The seven trails will offer excitement to beginners as well as to experts. Our most advanced trails will allow guests to soar more than 50 feet in the air. Guests will make memories that will last a lifetime from a birds-eye view of nature in the trees.

What is TREERUSH Adventure Park?

TreeRush Adventures includes two attractions and offers fun adventures for families, friends, teams, clubs and coworkers. Guests describe the forest adventures as thrilling, empowering and awesome.

The Kid’s Park is ideal for guests ages 4 – 6 but can be fun for ages 7 and 8 as well. In this area, kids can explore a variety of swinging wooden beams and bridges, balance on suspended cables, crawl through netted tunnels, and glide on zip lines just a few feet above the forest floor. Because the challenges are close to the ground, the Park’s youngest guests can experience the joy of physical accomplishment with a little confidence-boosting help. They will wear pint-sized harnesses and gear like that used by the “big kids” in the Adventure Park.

To climb in the TreeRush Adventure Park, guests ages 7 through adult wear a full-body harness and use state-of-the-art climbing gear. After a safety briefing and coaching in a practice area, guests quickly develop the knack for using the gear and are ready to head to the trees.

The Adventure Park’s seven trails start from a Main Tree Platform and extend into the forest. These trails include elements that allow guests to move between platforms built around trees or poles at various heights. These elements are made of wood, rope, cable and net. Expect to climb, swing and zip through the Park.

Guests don’t have to be elite athletes to enjoy climbing at TreeRush Adventures. But if you are… the adventure park has adrenaline-rush challenges. Trails that extend from the Main Tree Platform are color coded to identify four levels of challenge. Yellow trails are great for guests who want to stick close to the ground. Green and Blue trails offer intermediate challenges and the Black Diamond trail challenges experts. Once guests finish a course, they return to the Main Platform to either repeat a course or move up (or down) in difficulty. The easiest trails are about 10 feet above the ground and the most difficult trails reach a height of over 50 feet. As you take on more and more difficult trails, expect to meet increased demands for balance, stamina, agility and upper and lower body strength.

Trail Descriptions and Age Recommendations


The opening of TreeRush Adventure Park is the realization of a strategic plan action item that Fontenelle Forest identified in 2014 as part of its mission to provide a place for people to enjoy the outdoors and to ignite a passion for preserving nature in the next generation of stewards. With the opening of TreeRush Adventure Park, guests and members will be able to create emotional attachments with the environment while actively taking on challenges immersed in the four-season beauty of the natural world from the tree canopy.

TreeRush Adventure Park will not impact Fontenelle Forest’s oak restoration efforts. In addition, TreeRush contracted with Verio Planning and Design to conduct an environmental impact review before initiating construction. Vireo’s review of environmentally sensitive assets used resources developed by the Nebraska Natural Heritage Program including the Nebraska Conservation and Environmental Review (CERT) and the Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool for Nebraska (CHAT). Vireo concluded that the building and operating of TreeRush Adventure Park would have no negative impact on ecosystems, threatened and endangered species and/or species of conservation concern.


TreeRush Adventure Park trails will be sited on about five acres of Fontenelle Forest near the Nature Center. The Center will be used for registration and harnessing of the Adventure Park guests and for all of its current Fontenelle Forest activities including general admission, group event space, food and beverage, gift shop, exhibits and its scheduled activities.

TreeRush guests will make on-line reservations and purchase two-hour admission tickets to the Adventure Park and the Kids’ Park, primarily in advance and by reservation. Because of the reservation system and the established session times, Fontenelle Forest anticipates only minor increases in neighborhood traffic during peak season. Because a limited number of reservations can be made at a given time, Fontenelle Forest does not anticipate congestion on Bellevue Boulevard.

Fontenelle Forest plans to open overflow parking in an area northwest of the Nature Center on Bellevue Boulevard, which could add space for 150 cars. These additional parking spaces also will be used when Fontenelle Forest holds large events



Building methods used by TreeRush Adventure Park are minimally invasive and noise levels will be like those created by common yard maintenance equipment. Neighbors, guests, and local fauna will be no more disturbed during the 12-week building process than they are when Fontenelle Forest is conducting general maintenance.

Trials directly behind the Nature Center may be closed for short periods of time when building crews move materials required for construction. Fontenelle Forest will follow the same procedures it uses when trails are closed for maintenance, prescribed burns or other reasons. Signs will be posted when trails are temporarily closed.

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