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Welcome to Fontenelle Forest! Whether you’re planning your first visit or are already a regular visitor, we hope our educational programs inspire a deeper connection with the natural world. All programs invite you to explore the quiet wild of nature and discover the many diverse aspects of Nebraska’s natural landscape. We offer a range of topics and options for all ages and group size. If you don’t see something that fits your needs, please get in touch. Come discover Fontenelle, Nebraska’s backyard!

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At the Forest

Requests to visit the Forest are closed for the 18/19 school year. We are still scheduling On-the-Go programs.19/20 school year requests will open on May 1st.


Fall Inquiry         Pre-K, K

Experience the magic of a leaf and make observations of leaf structure and movement out in the Forest during Fall!

Sensing Nature    Pre-K, K

(Formerly Naturally Sense-ational)
Using your senses, come explore the Forest with us!

Soil Science        1st, 2nd

Do a little digging into our Loess soil and examine how the soil of Fontenelle Forest interacts with tree roots and more, then have fun playing in Acorn Acres.

Habitat      1st, 2nd, 3rd

Compare wants and needs in this fun program searching for food, water, shelter and space in the forest.

A Plant’s Life      2nd, 3rd, 4th

Take a closer look at the importance and structure of plants, then make observations of plant species in the forest.

Renew or Not? 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Discuss natural resources and explore the forest to find these resources firsthand, brainstorming all they can be utilized for!

Awesome Adaptations 3rd, 4th

(Formerly Sharp Claws)
Discover the physical and behavioral adaptations of animals in this exploratory program.

Who Goes There?    3rd, 4th

How do we know that animals are out there if we never see them? Dive into this fun program where we explore the signs left behind by our forest friends.

Agents of Change    4th, 5th

Explore how wind, water, and ice cause erosion and deposition in Nebraska and Iowa.

Webology        4th, 5th

Food chains are everywhere- let’s hike and build a few together using the plants and animals at the Forest.

Green’s the Thing    5th, 6th

Compare and contrast prairie and forest ecosystems through observation and data collection out on the trail.

H2Omaha        5th, 6th

Delve into Nebraska’s Wetlands with a magnified perspective – skim the water for invertebrates, look for beavers and other marsh residents while doing hands-on science with us.

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Nature On-The-Go

Bring the Forest into your classroom with Raptors, Critters, or a Naturalist!


Critters              Pre-K – 5th

Come face to face with three of our amazing critters and learn all about why they are so neat!

Nature                    K – 5th

Want nature in your classroom? We can bring it to you! Choose from the above themes and we’ll work with you to bring an outdoor experience, inside.

Raptors                all ages

What is a raptor? Find out in this up close and personal encounter with our educational raptors.

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