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Welcome to Fontenelle Forest, Flicka!

article by Ell Kinsey, Raptor Care Specialist

Introducing our newest arrival to the Raptor Woodland Refuge: Flicka, the American Kestrel!

Found as a chick, Flicka was taken in by a well-meaning member of the public. Rather than call a certified raptor rehabber, they chose to keep Flicka, which is against the law.

Unfortunately, Flicka was not fed correctly, which resulted in her suffering from long-term malnutrition. Her feathers are weak and prone to break. Without strong primary feathers, Flicka cannot fly. And even with time and proper nutrition, her feather condition prevents her from being released back into the wild.

At three years old, Flicka has outlived the majority of kestrels, with over 60% of kestrels dying within a year of being born.

Our Raptor Team hopes that Flicka will be able to join our other kestrel, River Pal, in the Raptor Woodland Refuge in the warmer months.

Flicka’s story is an example of good intentions gone wrong.

If you find a baby bird or injured raptor, talk to a wildlife specialist for instructions! They can help you get connected with a licensed rehabber to ensure the best chance of a positive outcome.

Check out what the US Department of Fisheries and Wildlife suggests when finding a bird.

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