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Nature’s Helpers

“Man must learn that his current path is not suitable for Earth, and soon, Earth won’t be sustainable for man.” –Donald L. Hicks

Without our volunteers, we would not have the manpower to keep up with—let alone restore—our habitats. We have a group that meets several Saturday mornings a year, and a group that meets most weeks on Tuesday and Thursday mornings who help clear brush, do trail maintenance, cut and treat invasive plants, and generally help maintain the properties. Click here for volunteer opportunities.

Though it might not be immediately apparent, the great news is that all of our neighbors—both near and far—can assist with our conservation efforts in a meaningful way. When you’re landscaping, be sure to plant native plants. Control any invasives in your yard. Pick up litter. All storm water ends up in a river, so make sure you aren’t dumping anything you wouldn’t want to swim in. Let’s leave the generations that follow us a place to enjoy the quiet wild of nature for ages to come.

Fontenelle Forest is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit.

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