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Nature’s Engineers Camp

It’s summer at Fontenelle Forest and that means it’s time again for our Nature Discovery Summer Day Camps! Nature’s Engineers Camp was held from June 13th through the 17th at Camp Brewster for our Explorers, children ages 9 – 12. The campers had such a wonderful time, they wanted to share their experience with everyone…

We learned a lot about the way different creatures build and we had a chance to try out some techniques. We started an eagle’s nest. It is huge. We learned about bees with Tina Tweedy (Fontenelle Forest educator) and we got a close up look at a bee hive. She even brought honey comb for us to eat with our popcorn. We canoed out to a beaver lodge and we were going to build a beaver dam in the stream, but got kind of distracted playing in the duckweed and the mud. We looked for spider webs and wove a yarn web. We also checked out the antlions and their dens.

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