Memorial Day Hours: The Nature Center will be open from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Monday, May 27

Memorial Day Hours: The Nature Center will be open from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Monday, May 27

Traveling Seniors Understanding Nature

Inspire, engage, and educate your residents by booking Fontenelle Forest to visit your senior living facility!

Bring Fontenelle Forest to Your Senior Living Facility


Traveling Seniors Understanding Nature (TSUN) takes nature presentations to senior living facilities. Fontenelle Forest’s naturalist educators provide enriching and informative presentations, covering various nature topics. These programs help seniors develop a better understanding of the natural world, enhance their quality of life, and spark curiosity.

Each of these naturalist-led talks cover different topics including plants, animals, birds, insects, habitats, and more. Our programs are about one hour long, incorporating audio visual components and artifacts such as pelts, bones/skulls, feathers, leaves and seeds. We encourage questions and stories from the audience.

Each TSUN Programs costs $135 each, or $130 when you book four or more programs per year.

Book a TSUN Program

For more information about our TSUN programs by fill out the form below or call 402-731-3140.

2024 Program Calendar

Check out the topics our naturalist educators teach each month below:


Making Tracks!

Have you ever wondered how to tell if an animal has been in your area? Discover the difference between the different types of animals’ footprints and what else animals can leave behind!


Nebraska’s Natural History

Nebraska hasn’t always been a prairie! Explore the natural history of the great state of Nebraska and discover some of the fascinating animals that have called this place home.


 A History of Fontenelle Forest

The first plot of land that would become Fontenelle Forest was purchased in 1916, but this area has been important to people for over a thousand years. Learn about the history of Fontenelle Forest including the Indigenous peoples who live here


Truly EGG-cellent

America’s breakfast food! Learn about all of the varieties of animals that lay eggs and the different ways that those animals take care of their eggs.


Wildflower Wonder

April showers bring May flowers! Our fields and forests are filled with wildflowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Join us for a tour of our beautiful neighbors!


Biomes! Biomes! Biomes!

Earth is an amazing planet with billions of animals that inhabit it. Come on a journey of the different ecosystems that make up this wild, wonderful world.


Invasive Species: An Explainer

What is the difference between a native and a naturalized species? When does a species become invasive? Learn all about the plants and animals that have wiggled their way into our own backyards.


Slithering Snakes

Come bust some myths about our scaley friends and learn about all the ways snakes have adapted to a legless life. Have no fear, snakes are here! Note, this is not a live animal demonstration program.


Cats: Big and Small

Calling all cool cats and kittens! Cat species are found all over the world! Discover all the amazing traits that make the cat family so unique.


Bats: The Mammal, the Myth, the Legend

Separate fact from fiction when it comes to the world’s only true flying mammal! Bats play an important role in many ecosystems and eat more than just the bugs swarming around our lights at night!


Fun-gi: The Science of Mushrooms

More than just mushrooms! Learn all about the network of fungi that live all around us and what roles mushrooms play in our environment.


Endangered Species: A New Hope

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Not really! Join us for a discussion of endangered animals and what scientists are doing to bring a new hope to their species.

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