Recent Prescribed Fire: Smoke and flame may be visible around the Nature Center. Staff is actively monitoring this area.
Recent Prescribed Fire: Smoke and flame may be visible around the Nature Center. Staff is actively monitoring this area.

Nebraska’s Deep Roots:

In 1823, a trading post was constructed on the banks of the Missouri River, located within the boundaries of present-day Fontenelle Forest. The trading post became an important connection between the major fur trade center in St. Louis and the fur trappers who lived in the Rocky Mountains. This exhibit tells that story.

The Exhibit

Fontenelle Forest is celebrating the 200-year anniversary of the Fontenelle Trading Post, with a history exhibit located in the Baright Gallery. We are excited to bring you this new experience, which tells the story of how the Fontenelle Trading Post came to be and what a trading post during the 1800’s may have looked like.

The Nebraska’s Deep Roots exhibit will be open daily at the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center. Free for members or with daily admission for non-members (sales tax included). Click HERE to see admission prices.


 Continue Your Experience

Attend Our Speaker Series or Educational Programs

Fontenelle Forest invites you to join us at the Nature Center for an ongoing speaker series highlighting the rich history of Nebraska and Fontenelle Forest. From first-hand accounts of the discovery and excavation of the Fontenelle Trading post to Omaha tribal history and the impact of the fur trade, you can explore Omaha’s past with local experts at Fontenelle Forest.

Learn more about the Fontenelle Trading Post by attending our Speaker Series and family-friendly activities.
All events are free for members or with daily admission for non-members.

Speaker Series

Each month a different speaker will provide a diverse perspective on the impact and importance of the Trading Post.

See Event Details 

History Trail Guided Hikes

These hikes will pay specific attention to the Trading Post and other historic sites found along History Trail.

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Archeology Adventure

Get a hands-on archaeology lesson and practice your excavation skills after Rob Bozell’s Speaker Series presentation.

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We dig history

Explore the Nebraska’s Deep Roots exhibit, participate in an archeological dig and go on a guided hike.

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Thank you to our contributors

This exhibit could not have happened without the guidance, support, and research of the following people:

Catherine Kuper
Fontenelle Forest Volunteer Archivist and Historian
Rob Bozell
Retired Nebraska State Archeologist

Ray Turkle
Fontenelle Forest Volunteer
John Seminara
Fontenelle Forest Volunteer
 Jim Ludeman
Fontenelle Forest Volunteer
Roger Echo-Hawk
Taylor Keen
Omaha Tribal Member
Dr. Rudi Mitchell
Omaha Tribal Member
Stacy Laravie
Ponca member, founder of Ithi’shi’, Traditional Knowledge Keeper, and Cultural Specialist
Alan Osborn
University of Nebraska Omaha – Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology Dept.
Lance Foster
Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska Vice Chairman and Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
Ron Sack and Howie Maxwell
Renze Display
History Nebraska


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