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Preserving the Quiet Wild of Nature for future generations

The staff in the land stewardship department at Fontenelle Forest is often called upon to rescue lost hikers, find a lost watch or cell phone, inspect a report of a power outage or remove a downed tree over a trail.  When we are not busy with Ranger tasks, we are managing the forest and wetlands to the benefit of wildlife and the public.   How do you successfully manage 2000 acres of forest, wetlands, and trails in or near an urban center?

We do it with lots of support from the public, members, donors and schools.

In addition to making FF and NW a safe and enjoyable place for visitors on trails, we are now embarking on an expanded journey to restore and enhance the land at Fontenelle Forest and Neale Woods, where 100,000 people visit every year. You may even notice more stewardship staff on the trails and in the woods, and our management efforts will be more visible.   These management actions can be in the form of  controlled burns to restore soil health and diversity, controlling invasive brush and trees and other plants, collecting native seeds and introducing understory species, plant monitoring, wildlife monitoring and management, maintaining access roads or other infrastructure, maintaining 19 miles of hiking trails and boardwalks, repairing kiosks, and signage, and performing systematic surveys and mapping for invasive species.   Support from the public and our donor’s is even more vital in helping us achieve our short-term and long-term management and restoration goals which collectively help keep our forest, water, soil, wildlife and us healthy while providing a beautiful , natural setting to hike in.

Jeanine Lackey,
Director of Research and Stewardship

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