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Floodplain Trail Closure: Fontenelle Forest’s Wetlands and Mink Trail at Neale Woods are closed due to flooding.

Floodplain Trail Closure: Fontenelle Forest’s Wetlands and Mink Trail at Neale Woods are closed due to flooding.

Nature Search: Fontenelle Forest’s Digital Field Guide

Wondering what that colorful bird or freaky fungi was you saw at Fontenelle Forest? Nature Search can help you find the answer!

Have you ever been out on a hike at Fontenelle Forest, spotted something interesting, and wish you could find out more about it? But by the time you got home, it slipped your mind and now you’ve forgotten what it looked like… darn it!

picture of the Nature Search webpagea picture of their website with a red arrow circleing the yellow sticky note icon that says Nature Search.

Next time, grab your phone, hop onto the Fontenelle Forest website, and click on the Nature Search button in the top right corner! In an instant, you’ll find (literally) thousands of images at your fingertips! You can also directly access the Nature Search website at ffnaturesearch.org.

What is Nature Search? Think of it as a digital field guide dedicated to all things Fontenelle Forest!

Nature Search is a robust digital imaging portal, populated and maintained by Fontenelle Forest volunteers. With very few exceptions, all photographs were taken within the boundaries of Fontenelle Forest and Neale Woods Nature Centers by volunteers of the Forest.

With just a few clicks, you can find information about a species, including when and where you might see it. Think of it as a digital field guide, dedicated to any and all nature discoveries you might make while exploring the Forest’s 2,100 acres and 24 miles of trails!

There are literally thousands of images on Nature Search. And because new things are always being spotted, it is a continually evolving site. Although the website itself was created in 2019, for more than 10 years, the group of volunteers has been documenting the flora and fauna they have found within the Forest boundaries.

The Omaha World-Herald recently published an article featuring Nature Search and the amazing volunteers who had the vision to put together this fantastic resource for Fontenelle Forest members and guests!


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