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Giving Tuesday: Teaching kids about conservation

I have spent much of my time as a Naturalist playing the role of Flo Swiftly, the Hydrologist, in our hour long skit about the water cycle that is included in our H2Omaha program offered to every single 5th grader in the Omaha Public School District. When the science standards move the water studies to the 6th grade, we offered the program to all 6th graders in the District. The skit evolves with different staff members playing the role of Ima Drip or Ben A. Drip. Each brings their own spin to the jokes and nuances of the skit…always keeping current with new dance moves and current phrases or jargon. I have seen staff members grow and some move on to other careers. Some former staff has gone on to become wonderful classroom teachers, conservation officers, and environmentalists. I will infrequently run into an adult who mentions that they remember our efforts in our skit and I smile a little to myself because we were able to give them a happy childhood memory.

Deborah L. Woracek, CIG
Naturalist, Manager of Day Camps

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