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Giving Tuesday: Raptor education and rescue

Although I do raptor programs of all sizes of audiences, my favorites are the small groups. I’ll put down a cloth and sit crisscross on the floor with the audience. That way, they can look into their eyes, and they can also admire the fine detail of their feathers. Even though raptors are often muted colors, seeing them close-up really makes them “pop”.

This particular thank-you came from a family that was interested in visiting the forest, and they wondered if we offered raptor programs for groups of 7. The Grandmother lived in Wayne, Nebraska, not exactly a close drive. They bought a membership, sat with me for an hour-long program, then went out for a hike. I love sharing my passion for both the forest and the raptors, and I’m sure they will return.

Denise Lewis,
Educator/Raptor Recover

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