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Giving Tuesday: Create a deeper connection with nature

Fontenelle Forest Membership runs in my family. My grandparents are members, my parents are members, and my husband, son, and I are members.—that’s four generations! The reasons we became members are numerous and could easily fill this post. The ageless beauty of the forest is a natural gathering place for my family. The peace and stillness my soul feels after a long hike benefits me as well as my family. Now that my grandmother has recently passed away, the forest holds even more special memories. The ever-changing yet steady trees remind me that change in life is inevitable, and the change can bring growth, new life, and strength. While my son may not remember being at the Forest with four generations of family members, he will remember that this place is breathtaking. I hope that the fresh air and the times we spend here will instill in him a deeper connection with nature, a glimpse of an ancient rhythm to life that we all long for, and maybe even some answers to life’s mysteries. My hope is in the next generation of Fontenelle Forest members. I know that my support today ensures they will be able to inspire their own children to care for the natural world.

Joanie Soverns
Manager of Donor Relations and Membership

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