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Free Flight (February 2016)

There’s a brand new building at the Raptor Recovery Rehabilitation Center in Elmwood.  The old 8-cage Stall Barn was replaced with a new 13-cage Stall Barn. In just a few months, this building has reduced the backlog of birds waiting for intermediate housing in the progression from hospital to freedom.

Finally completed on Sept. 29 ( lots of rain delays! ), the cages were immediately occupied by the larger raptors. With 12  6 x 8 ft stalls and one 24-ft indoor flight space, we have bridged the gap between hospital and flight pen. It gives recovering   raptors  more room to move before going to the larger flight pens. Also, this stall system is vital for introducing adult Great Horned Owls to each other.

By placing the owls in adjoining stalls, they become acquainted  with each other and don’t fight when placed in the large Flight Complex together.

When you step into the Stall Barn, especially on a cold, windy day, you immediately notice how quiet it is; the fully insulated barn keeps both birds and their caretakers  more comfortable!

The new Stall Barn is a crucial part of the rehabilitation process; we are very grateful to have it in place!

Betsy Finch, Manager of Raptor Rehabilitation

Header photo by Randy Mays

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