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Fontenelle Forest firewood is now for sale!

a picture of a rocking chair near a fire. It has the text, "FIREWOOD FOR SALE STAY COZY BY THE FIRE SUPPORT FONTENELLE FOREST 1 cubic foot hardwood bundles I  per bundle Ask for details at Visitor Services." and the Fontenelle Forest logo.Fontenelle Forest firewood is now for sale!

There is a new way to support Fontenelle Forest by purchasing something that many of you may already buy. If you have a fireplace, go camping, or have a fire pit for the back yard, please consider buying your firewood at Fontenelle Forest.

Each year, Fontenelle Forest land management staff and volunteers cut and pile hundreds of trees. To some, this might seem confusing. Why do we do this? After 200 years of degradation, the removal of trees is necessary to heal the ecosystem and restore a healthy balance to the oak woodland savanna.

Removing the overabundance of trees that would once have been kept in check by fire and grazers allows space and sunlight for native plants like the keystone species of Bur Oak trees to grow. To help reduce the size of our brush piles and support smart, sustainable forestry practices, we are now offering this firewood for sale to our members and guests!

Why Buy Local? Help keep our trees healthy. Support sustainable practices.

Trees are susceptible to diseases, fungal infections, and invasions by insects that can hitchhike on firewood. By sourcing your firewood from the same area where it will be burned, you can protect the ecosystems and trees in your own backyard.

The Emerald Ash Borer, Gypsy Moth, and Thousand Cankers Disease are a few examples of problematic species that travel through firewood. Due to the local infestation of Emerald Ash Borer, it is illegal to transport wood from Douglas, Sarpy, Washington, Lancaster, Cass, Dodge, Otoe, Saunders counties outside of this eight-county quarantine zone. Likewise, it is illegal to bring wood into Nebraska from neighboring states like Colorado, which has the Thousand Cankers Disease.

By buying local firewood from a trusted source, you are supporting sustainable woodland management, reducing carbon emissions from transport, helping the local economy and helping to stop the spread of disease in Nebraska trees.

Our hardwood bundles are $7.00 per bundle for 1 cubic foot and contain a kindling starter pack.

Ask for details at our Visitor Services desk or call 402-731-3140.

Fontenelle Forest is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit.

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