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Memorial Day Hours: The Nature Center will be open from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Monday, May 27

Memorial Day Hours: The Nature Center will be open from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Monday, May 27

Exploring Tech through Nature: Do Space at Fontenelle Forest

A video of participants in the Do Space program.
This year, the Forest embarked on a new and exciting partnership with Do Space in an effort to inspire kids to love both tech and nature.Similar to Fontenelle Forest, a large part of Do Space’s mission is to provide equitable access to STEM programming for children in the local community. For Do Space, the focus is technology. For the Forest, our focus is nature. For both organizations, it can be challenging to reach new audiences of families with children who may not be aware that these opportunities exist.After a bit of brainstorming, our teams had a light bulb moment. Why not play off each other’s strengths and marry tech with nature to provide an entirely new STEM/STEAM experience?! And just like that, the Fontenelle Forest + Do Space collaboration was born. We decided to hold two free events – one at Fontenelle Forest and one at Do Space, each with a slightly different twist. 
For both organizations it was important that the event be free and open to the public, so anyone who wanted to would have the opportunity to participate. It took months of planning, but our vision finally came to fruition! 
We are hoping this is just the beginning of a long-term partnership and would love to be able to bring these events back every year. Check out the event details below.On February 19, Do Space brought tech to the Forest. Attendees were able to watch 3-D printers demos, see the world from a “bird’s-eye view” with virtual-reality headsets, create their own keychains with 3-D Doodlers, train finch microbots and more!On March 5th, Fontenelle Forest will be taking nature to Do Space. Attendees can meet snakes and other critters, watch wooden tree cookies be laser cut with a nature design, use their senses to explore nature artifacts, create nature-inspired take-home items with a 3-D Doodler, learn what it’s like to fly like a bird with virtual reality headsets, participate in a STEAM activity, and more! 
Check out the recap video from the Feb 19th event below. Then make sure to join us at Do Space on March 5th!


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