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Explore Fontenelle Forest: Ridge Trail

My name is Nick Sauvageau and I have been at Fontenelle Forest for 2 years as an Outdoor Educator, Raptor Handler, and you might find me working at the Front Desk. I have had an amazing experience teaching field trips, leading Canoe programs, and spending time with the wonderful people at Fontenelle Forest. Each month I will be exploring a trail of Fontenelle Forest, tracking the distance, time, and steps taken for each hike, while also seeking out unique flora and fauna.

For August, we’ll be taking a look at one of the Forest’s most accessible dirt trails – Ridge Trail.

Ridge Trail is an easy hike that offers the opportunity to explore off the boardwalk, while staying near the nature center. This small loop leads you through rich biodiversity and grants you a view of downtown Omaha as well as the Missouri River.  Ridge trail begins and ends at the boardwalk, making this short hike not only easily accessible, but also a wonderful way to experience our upland oak forests and immerse yourself in an area of our Oak Restoration project. You will notice a drastic contrast between the thick foliage cluttered with trees, and the open oak savanna, where our Restoration Biologists are working to reestablish the forest’s ecosystem to a more natural state. So hop off the first loop for the boardwalk and experience the views, wildlife, and restoration that can all be found on Ridge Trail.

Fitbit Breakdown

Difficulty: Easy
Hike time: 9 minutes
Steps: 800
Length: 0.36 miles
Elevation change: 50 feet (5 floors)

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