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October 10 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am

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Mudpies is a structured program for children ages 3-5 that encourages exploration of nature and interaction between a child and their caregiver. Each week, a natural science topic is explored through crafts, outdoor exploration, songs, stories, hikes and more!

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Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Forest

Looking for a unique setting in which to have fun with your child while learning about the natural world?

Mudpies is a structured program for children ages 3-5 that encourages exploration of nature and interaction between a child and their caregiver. Each week, a natural science theme is explored through crafts, outdoor exploration, songs, stories, hikes and more! Each session will feature a different craft or activity, along with storytime and a guided hike. Come discover the joy of sharing nature with your child!

This program is for children ages 3-5 accompanied by a caregiver.



When: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Where: Fontenelle Forest Nature Center, Habitat Hollow, *New*  Mudpies Education Room (Lower Level)

Member price: $7 per child. Members must sign in to receive discount. Non-member price: $7 per child + daily admission for each accompanying adult(s).

Pre-registration is required. Class size is limited to 15 students.

Registration is available by individual session – OR – you can also sign up for a full month of Mudpies at a time (a new feature this year)!   

Mudpies will run following the Bellevue Public Schools calendar and will not run during the summer.

Please see our most recent COVID-19 guidelines here.


September Schedule

Tuesday, September 5

Theme: Ants, Session 1

Come learn about the tiniest engineer in the animal kingdom – ants! Today we’ll learn about ant colonies and how they work together to build themselves homes.

Thursday, September 7

Theme: Ants, Session 2

Come discover the secret lives of ants, the colonies they live in, and observe them out in the Forest!

Tuesday, September 12 

Theme: Levels of the Forest, Session 1

Learn your levels! Explore the levels of the Forest during this session of Mudpies.

Thursday, September 14

Theme: Levels of the Forest, Session 2

From the forest floor to the canopy, join us as we explore the levels of the forest and the creatures that live there.

Tuesday, September 19

Theme: Sense of Touch, Session 1

What’s up with whiskers? Why don’t humans have them? Explore the world of whiskers and the sense of touch during this Mudpies session.

Thursday, September 21

Theme: Sense of Touch, Session 2

Get hands-on as we explore our sense of touch! We’ll look at the hands (or paws!) of animals around the forest and how they use them.

Tuesday, September 26

Theme: Predators vs Prey, Session 1

Are baby deer born with antlers? Do birds hatch with feathers? Join us for a lesson on animal babies that look like their parents!

Thursday, September 28

Theme: Predators vs Prey, Session 2

Do frogs hatch with legs? Do butterflies start their lives with wings? Come learn about animal babies that look very different from their parents!

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October Schedule

Tuesday, October 3

Theme: Decomposers, Session 1

What lives in a rotten log? Bugs and grubs, of course! Explore the decomposers of the forest during today’s session of Mudpies.

Thursday, October 5

Theme: Decomposers, Session 2

What do decomposers do for the forest? Learn about the roles of bugs, grubs, fungus, moss, and more!

Tuesday, October 10

Theme: Rocks & Geology, Session 1

Where do rocks come from? How did they get here? What is a rock? Roll down to Mudpies to explore the riveting world of rocks!

Thursday, October 12

Theme: Rocks & Geology, Session 2

What makes up the dirt here at Fontenelle Forest? What about the hills and valleys? Join us as we explore how rocks influence the landscape of the forest.

Tuesday, October 17

Theme: Leaves & Colors, Session 1

Red, yellow, green, brown – what happens when autumn rolls around? Join us as we talk about the changes we see in the forest now that autumn is coming!

Thursday, October 19

Theme: Leaves & Colors, Session 2

Is there a nip in the air? What are some signs that summer is ending and fall is here? Come learn about the changing seasons!

Tuesday, October 24

Theme: Under the Ground, Session 1

What’s under your feet as you walk on the trails at the Forest? Learn about moles, worms, roots, and other living things that make their home underground.

Thursday, October 26

Theme: Under the Ground, Session 2

Where can animals stay safe and cool? Explore the critters that make their homes and resting places in the ground.

Tuesday, October 31

Theme: Halloween & Bioluminescence, Session 1

Feeling spooky? Come learn about bats, spiders, snakes, and more during some Halloween-themed myth busting!


Thursday, November 2

Theme: Halloween & Bioluminescence, Session 2

This Mudpies session will light up your world! Explore the world of animals that glow in the dark, from fireflies to plankton to jellyfish.


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November Schedule

Tuesday, November 7

Theme: Scat, Session 1

Everybody poops, including birds and reptiles! Learn about what goes splat here in the forest as we explore animal scat.

Thursday, November 9

Theme: Scat, Session 2

From pellets to piles, we’re going to explore the world of animal excrement. Join us as we search the trails to learn about what animals leave behind.

Tuesday, November 14

Theme: Felines vs Canids, Session 1

Meow, woof! Join us as we examine wild cats and dogs, from bobcats to foxes and coyotes to cougars!

Thursday, November 16

Theme: Felines vs Canids, Session 2

Does your cat bark? Does your dog purr? Learn more about the unique behaviors of wild cats and dogs!

Tuesday, November 21

Theme: Turkeys

Learn about the largest and loudest bird at Fontenelle Forest just in time for turkey day!

Thursday, November 23

No Class. Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 28 

Theme: Ancient Animals

What do velociraptors and hawks have in common? Feathers, eggs, and talons, of course! Join us as we explore modern raptors and the ancient animals that they evolved from.

Thursday, November 30

Theme: Ancient Animals

Dig in to the evidence that ancient animals walked Nebraska! We’ll examine fossils and discuss how Nebraska used to look and what used to live here.

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December Schedule

Tuesday, December 5

Theme: Skunks, Session 1

P U! Learn about the stinkiest scent in the forest as we smell out the world of skunks!

Thursday, December 7

Theme: Skunks, Session 2

Opossums and raccoons and skunks, oh my! Learn about skunks, their homes, and how they differ from other nocturnal animals that roam the forest.

Tuesday, December 12

Theme: Trading Post, Session 1

Explore the roots of Fontelle Forest as we talk about Fontenelle’s Trading Post and the people and animals here before us.

Thursday, December 14

Theme: Trading Post, Session 2

What was life like 200 years ago? Before we had cars, televisions, or grocery stores? Learn about how people used to live during this session of Mudpies!

Tuesday, December 19

Theme: Holiday Celebrations, Session 1

How do you celebrate the holidays? Join us as we explore holiday celebrations, from your neighborhood to people across the world.

Thursday, December 21

Theme: Holiday Celebrations, Session 2

Come celebrate the shortest day of the year.


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Note: Mudpies follows the Bellevue Public Schools calendar and will not run during winter break.



QUESTIONS? CALL 402-731-3140.



October 10
9:30 am - 11:00 am
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