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January 25 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am

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An event every week that begins at 9:30 am on Tuesday and Thursday, repeating until May 24, 2022

Mudpies is a structured program for children ages 3-5 that encourages exploration of nature and interaction between a child and their caregiver. Each week, a natural science topic is explored through crafts, outdoor exploration, songs, stories, hikes and more!

Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Forest

Looking for a unique setting in which to have fun with your child while learning about the natural world?

Mudpies is a structured program for children ages 3-5 that encourages exploration of nature and interaction between a child and their caregiver. Each week, a natural science theme is explored through crafts, outdoor exploration, songs, stories, hikes and more! Each session will feature a different craft or activity, along with storytime and a guided hike. Come discover the joy of sharing nature with your child!

This program is for children ages 3-5 accompanied by a caregiver. One adult is required for every two children.

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Where: Fontenelle Forest Nature Center, Habitat Hollow, *New*  Mudpies Education Room (Lower Level)

Member price: $5 per child. Members must sign in to receive discount. Non-member price: $5 per child + daily admission for each accompanying adult(s).

Pre-registration is required. Class size is limited to 15 students.

Registration is available by individual session – OR – you can also sign up for a full month of Mudpies at a time (a new feature this year)!   

We are not currently offering a Mudpies membership. Mudpies will run following the Bellevue Public Schools calendar and will not run during the summer.

Please see our most recent COVID-19 guidelines here

January Schedule

Tuesday, January 11

Theme: Snow, Session 1

How do you know what season it is? What season is it when snow is on the ground? Come learn about the wonders of winter!

Thursday, January 13

Theme: Snow, Session 2

Spend the morning learning about snowflakes and discovering them out on the trail!

Tuesday, January 18

Theme: Hibernation, Session 1

Come learn about how animals survive in winter with a hibernation investigation! 

Thursday, January 20

Theme: Hibernation, Session 2

What do animals do if they aren’t hibernating? Come learn about winter animal adaptations! 

Tuesday, January 25

Theme: Deer, Session 1

What animals are up and about during the winter? Deer, of course! Come learn about winter adaptations of deer this morning!


Thursday, January 27

Theme: Deer, Session 2

Do baby animals look like their parents? Come learn about baby deer and how they survive in the Forest!


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February Schedule

Tuesday, February 1

Theme: Owls, Session 1

Whoooo’s ready to learn about owls? Come learn about how owl feathers keep them safe and warm!

Thursday, February 3

Theme: Owls, Session 2

How are owls awake all night long? Can they turn their heads all the way around? Join us and learn about owl eyes and other adaptations!

Tuesday, February 8

Theme: Cardinals, Session 1

Do male and female animals look the same? Today we’ll talk about colorful cardinals and other colors in nature!

Thursday, February 10

Theme: Cardinals, Session 2

How do cardinals stay warm all winter? Come learn about cardinals, nuthatches, and other bright birds that we can find all winter in Fontenelle Forest!

Tuesday, February 15

Theme: Valentine’s Day, Session 1

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ll make a Valentine’s day craft and go on a hike looking for hearts in nature!

Thursday, February 17

Theme: Valentine’s Day, Session 2

After looking for hearts in nature, we’re going to look for shapes in nature and make our own nature puzzles!

Tuesday, February 22

Theme: Tracks, Session 1

Whose tracks are these? Come learn about animal tracks and the animals that make them!

Thursday, February 24

Theme: Tracks, Session 2

Do all animal tracks look the same? Do YOU make tracks? Come look for animal tracks and make some of your own!

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March Schedule

Tuesday, March 1

Theme: Turtles, Session 1

Can turtles leave their shells? Let’s look at turtle shells and figure out how they use them!

Thursday, March 3

Theme: Turtles, Session 2

Do all turtles live in water? Do only tortoises live on land? Today we’ll use the clues on a turtle’s body to figure out where they live!

Tuesday, March 8

Theme: Spring, Session 1

How do you know it’s spring? How can we tell the seasons are changing? Come explore the winter thaw out on the trail!

Thursday, March  10

Theme: Spring, Session 2

What animals are waking up or returning now that it’s closer to spring? Let’s investigate robins and other animals that are out and about now that the Forest is a little warmer!

Tuesday, March 22

Theme: Migration, Session 1

What happens to insects in the winter? Today we’ll talk about insect migration and how they make their long journeys southward!

Thursday, March 24

Theme: Migration, Session 2

Where do birds go in the winter? When do they come back? Let’s learn about birds as we explore animal migration!

Tuesday, March 29

Theme: Seeds, Session 1

Where do plants come from? Do all seeds look the same? Join us for a seed search on the trails!

Thursday, March 31

Theme: Seeds, Session 2

How does a seed grow! Come join us as we plant seeds and look for seedlings!

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April Schedule

Tuesday, April 5

Theme: Frogs, Session 1

What is an amphibian? Leap into this lesson about frogs and other amphibians.

Thursday, April 7

Theme: Frogs, Session 2

How do frogs jump so far? Come learn about how frogs survive in their habitat!

Tuesday, April 12

Theme: Life Cycles, Session 1

What’s an amphibian? Leap into this lesson about frogs and other amphibians.

Thursday, April 14

Theme: Life Cycles, Session 2

How do eggs turn into tadpoles? How do tadpoles turn into frogs? Learn about the circle of life with this life cycle lesson!

Tuesday, April 19

Theme: Eggs, Session 1

Do all bird eggs look the same? Come investigate bird eggs and their nests!

Thursday, April 21

Theme: Eggs, Session 2

Do different birds build different nests? Learn about how birds build their nests and what materials they are made out of.

Tuesday, April 26

Theme: Sounds of Nature, Session 1

Have you ever stopped and listened while walking on a trail? Come explore the sounds of nature during this lesson!

Thursday, April 28

Theme: Sounds of Nature, Session 2

Which animals make the loudest noise? Which are the quietest? Come learn about animal noises and sounds we hear in the Forest!

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May Schedule

Tuesday, May 3

Theme: Snakes, Session 1

Come learn about the snakes of Fontenelle Forest and what makes them snakes! 

Thursday, May 5

Theme: Snakes, Session 2

What makes snakes special? Come learn about snake sheds, scales, and more! 

Tuesday, May 10

Theme: Bees, Session 1

What are pollinators? Learn how insects (and more) move pollen from flower to flower!  

Thursday, May 12

Theme: Bees, Session 2

Are bees pollinators? Come learn about different types of pollinators and search for them at the Forest! 

Tuesday, May 17

Theme: Wetlands, Session 1

What is a wetland? Come learn about this wet and wild habitat!  

Thursday, May 19

Theme: Wetlands, Session 2

Come discover what lives in a wetland as we search “around the pond.”  

Tuesday, May 24

Theme: Happy Summer!

Come join us for our summer sendoff! We’ll have an end of the year party and enjoy the beautiful summer weather together!  

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January 25
9:30 am - 11:00 am
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