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Don’t hibernate; head to the forest and stay fit, active and refreshed with nature walks, snowshoeing, yoga and Mud Pies

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Hiking under a frosty canopy of trees, in the heart of a Nebraska winter, you can actually hear it, a booming kind of silence that stirs our most Thoreau-like thoughts: “Living deliberately? I’m totally going to do that.”

As you push forward on Hidden Lake Trail, the haze of your breath hangs in the air and slowly dissipates. Temperatures have sunk below freezing, but you’re warm beneath your layers and your lungs are burning– a good burn. This is winter fitness Fontenelle Forest-style.

If you’re ready to expand your repertoire of cold weather activity – something beyond ice skating, sledding and “forget it, I’ll just wear a bulky sweater” – set a course for Bellevue and that 1,400-acre gem where a year-round calendar of events and 16 miles of trails are primed to help us ward off winter hibernation.

Hiking is just one option for invigoration at Fontenelle Forest Nature Center. Here are some others….

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