WETLANDS CLOSURE UPDATE: Hidden Lake and Redbud trails are closed. All other Wetland trails are now open.
Click here to see current trail closures.
WETLANDS CLOSURE UPDATE: Hidden Lake and Redbud trails are closed. All other Wetland trails are now open.
Click here to see current trail closures.


Wetlands flood recovery update as of March 2021

Hello Forest members, guests and all Wetlands fans! by Michelle Foss, Director of Resource Stewardship We wanted to share a quick update on the progress on the flood reconstruction efforts happening in the Wetlands and an updated timeline on completion. Construction in the Wetlands was delayed by the deep snow…

Fontenelle Forest Announces Executive Leadership Change

Fontenelle Forest (the Forest) announces today that Merica Whitehall, Executive Director, has resigned. The board of directors would like to thank Whitehall for her nearly five years of service as the Executive Director at the Forest. Under Whitehall’s leadership, a long-term master plan and a short-term strategic plan was developed. These…

Fontenelle Forest firewood is now for sale!

Fontenelle Forest firewood is now for sale! There is a new way to support Fontenelle Forest by purchasing something that many of you may already buy. If you have a fireplace, go camping, or have a fire pit for the back yard, please consider buying your firewood at Fontenelle Forest….

World Soil Day is December 5th

by Michelle Foss, Director of Land Stewardship and Research “Keep soil alive, Protect soil biodiversity” #WorldSoilDay How often do you think about soil? I mean, REALLY consider soil? And how it differs from dirt? One of the things we stress in our education programs is that soil is very different…

Tree Rush Adventures Opens at Fontenelle Forest

BELLEVUE, NE (July 22, 2019) – TreeRush Adventures at Fontenelle Forest, Greater Omaha’s newest outdoor recreation attraction, will celebrate its Grand Opening on Thursday, July 31 starting at 9:00 am. The public is welcome and can experience the ropes adventure park at a special opening day discount. Merica Whitehall, Fontenelle Forest Executive…

Turkey Vultures are “gross-ly” under appreciated

People don’t like vultures. Even naturalist Charles Darwin described the Turkey Vulture as a “disgusting bird,” but consider the more pleasant Latin term Cathartes aura, meaning “purifier.” We at Fontenelle Forest love this unique and important bird. Allow us to explain why. First, they clean the Forest for us! In…

What’s in a Wetland?

Wetlands are often referred to as the “kidneys” of the earth, and for good reason. Just like our own body, the earth as a whole is a functioning unit, with each part or “organ” playing an influential role in its prosperity. Just as kidneys filter out waste from our blood,…

Since the 1960s, volunteers have sustained our education programs

At Fontenelle Forest, our volunteer Teacher Naturalists (TNs) and Teen Naturalist Trainees (TNTs) have played an integral part in sustaining forest education programs over the past 40 years. TN and TNT volunteers teach environmental education programs at the Forest and promote appreciation of nature for a wide range of visitors,…

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