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Canoe the Great Marsh

All dates for 2017 are sold out. Thank you so much for your support of Fontenelle Forest. We hope you had as much fun this year as we did!

See you in 2018.

Summer 2016 marked the second season of providing our Canoe the Great Marsh program to wonderful people from places all across the United States and beyond. My coworker Nick and I had an amazing time canoeing with all of our visitors, and we are back this summer ready to explore once again! The wonder of the wetlands found on Fontenelle Forest’s property is that you will never find two days to be the same, and no matter how much you think you know about the Great Marsh, it will always surprise you with something more.

We know that every person has a story to share, and we hope that after Canoeing the Great Marsh you will have a tale to tell. Wetlands cannot speak, but we hope you will speak for them by sharing your experience out on the water. This summer you can expect a variety of Sunrise, Full Moon, and Regular Canoeing programs. We hope that you will join us and leave feeling satisfied by adventure!

– Grace Gaard, Naturalist


Canoe the Great Marsh is only $5 for Fontenelle Forest members / $15 for non-members. Each session is limited to 16 people ages 7 and up.


Saturday, September 30 (9 a.m.)

Thursday, October 5 (Full Moon)

Saturday, October 14 (Sunrise)

Saturday, October 21 (9 a.m.)

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