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Your Vote Matters


As one of Nebraska’s oldest conservation organizations, Fontenelle Forest strives to be a national leader in environmental stewardship and education. We aim to faithfully protect the land, animals, and resources that have been entrusted to our care – both within our organization and throughout our community – through conservation and education.

As a Fontenelle Forest member and donor, we know that you share our values. If you would like to learn more about the candidates that you will be voting for in the upcoming election, visit the League of Conservation Voters (LVC) website.

The LCV has endorsed candidates that support the environment and nature (https://www.lcv.org/endorsements/). They have also published a scorecard so that you can learn how each candidate votes on issues related to conservation and the environment (https://scorecard.lcv.org/). We encourage everyone to make an informed decision this election season.

Fontenelle Forest does not endorse any specific candidate; rather we encourage everyone to make an educated decision on how to best support the causes that are important to you through your participation in this year’s election.

Most importantly, please VOTE!

Fontenelle Forest is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit.

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